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Specializing in domain names for the wine and spirits industries. Be confident that if you buy a domain from we will make sure your transaction is a pleasant and fast one.


Our participation in the domain name industry started in 1997 while working for a winery in California in a sales capacity. I started by purchasing a few names to see if I could generate additional warm sales leads to subsidize my cold calling activities. My first few names brought dismal results as my skills at search engine placement and website design brought less than spectacular results. In my quest for a internet sales lead machine I stumbled across several chat rooms and bulletin boards with people exchanging ideas on how to best target a domain name for business purposes. Most of the participants were speculators cashing in on the sky high exuberance of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

After getting an education, I decided to buy a domain from the secondary market, from the speculators themselves. I had heard through these boards that some names that are highly targeted will receive what was called type-in traffic, where a surfer, instead of using a search engine to find a particular site would instead type their queries into the address bar. For example if someone was looking for a website that sold “laptop computers”, the surfer would type into the address bar without spacing between words. Sometimes they would find what they were looking for but most of the time they would not. I was looking for buyers for my custom labeled wine and had some success with the domain name which as a matter of fact still gets traffic today. I still needed much more traffic if I hoped to get the amount of sales leads I wanted so I purchased in 2000 for several hundred dollars. After I put up an information request form on the site I got enough sales from those leads to pay for the name in one week. Suffice it to say I was hooked and the rest as they say is history. We currently hold about 200-300 domain names specifically targeted towards wine enthusiasts and they receive a lot of traffic.

This hobby has turned into a business though, as there is a shortage of well targeted domain names in the wine niche that end in dot com and the current legal environment is encouraging wine retailers to create an online presence. We are in a good position to take maximum advantage of this situation but be assured our prices are lower than the current market prices.


Someone who closely watches wine domain sales is Chris Campbell of He currently controls a portfolio of over 1000 domain names, the bulk of which are related to the wine, beer and adult beverage sectors. He explained that while he was in custom labeled wine sales, he had acquired the domain name He set it up immediately with a simple one page form and that same day had requests for custom labeling services, even before submitting the URL to search engines. He said that he paid several hundred dollars in 1999 for the name but it easily paid for itself in a week. Campbell then learned that already received what is now termed as direct navigation traffic. Soon after, he set out to register other highly targeted domains that fit the same profile. Today he still holds and has added to his portfolio such domains as,,,,,,,, WineShop.TV, WineCountry.TV and several hundreds more that receive direct navigation traffic or names he believes are highly brandable.


Chris Campbell displays all of his wine domain name inventory at . Chris can be contacted through or by email.

c/o Chris Campbell

Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703


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